Curry County Democrats

Measure 101 is Approved by Oregon Voters!

Measure 101 Passes Decisively in Curry County – One of the Only Rural Counties Voting to Approve the Measure!

THANK YOU! Progressives in Curry County voted together to say YES to Healthcare as a Human Right (YES on Measure 101!). Thank you to everyone who voted with the Democrats on this one!

 Click HERE for more information on Measure 101.

You CAN Make a Difference!
Optimism is a Political Act

American Pie – Wealth and Income
Inequality in America

American Pie Chart

No matter how you slice it, when it comes to income and wealth in America the rich get most of the pie and the rest get the leftovers. The numbers are shocking. Today the top 1 percent of Americans control 43 percent of the financial wealth while the bottom 80 percent control only 7 percent of the wealth. Incredibly, the wealthiest 400 Americans have the same combined wealth as the poorest half of Americans — over 150 million people …


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