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It’s LauRose. And yes, this is one of those letters.  I need help. At Curry County Democrats we’re really in a pinch right now.  Could you see fit to set up a monthly contribution to the Dems? No matter what size.  We have less contributions now than we need to keep the doors open and the computer and phones on.  If I can get continuing donations, I know at least what to plan on each month.  Our monthly expenses are about 650.00, with 400 rent, 70.00 internet, phone and supplies.  Plus we have this campaign going on.  Here’s what we’re deep into now.

It’s only 400 days till the Presidential and local Elections. Curry County Democrats needs $3,000. To find our peeps, the other Curry County Dems. Why?  Because we can take this county! We are only 1200 voters short of a majority.  There are 6,000 voters in Curry without a party. Wondering why? Apathy?  No.

Due to a strategy of the Republican Secretary of State of Oregon a HUGE percentage of voters did not get a party when they became voters. In Curry County there are SIX THOUSAND of these politically homeless voters. These folks without parties CANNOT VOTE IN THE PRESIDENTIAL PRIMARY. We also cannot help them get out to vote in the general election to Dump Trump if we are not in contact. (We got 83.2% Democrats voting last time…a huge success. But we can do better if we increase our base.)

Curry Democrats made postcards to contact these unaffiliated voters about their need to pick a party. Over 6,000 of them. But WE NEED AROUND 50 CENTS PER POSTCARD AND STAMP PER MAILING to send them out. That’s around $3,000. Donations of ANY stamps will help, as will a dollar for two or 20 stamps, cards and printing for ten dollars, etc. After we send these postcards WE WILL VISIT THESE VOTERS to help help forge our ties. But we need YOUR postage money to get started.

Please help. You can send stamps, checks or cash to Curry County Democrats at PO Box 146, Brookings, OR 97415.  Or please go to Act Blue or online (we’ll send you the routing number if you ask) to set up a continuing paymen. The chemotherapy for the Trump cancer to the U.S. Democracy is the VOTE.  Help our volunteers ready it NOW.  Thank you.

LauRose Felicity JD MSW CLAD
Chair, Curry County Democrats (CCD)
Chair, Rural Caucus, Democratic Party of Oregon
415-595-4904  cell/text

You CAN Make a Difference!
Optimism is a Political Act

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