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Report Prepared by a Group of Oregon Business People Punctures the Myth that Oregon is Bad for Business

Is the Grass Really Greener in Other States?As reported in the Oregonian, a group of six Oregon businesspeople took a look at the Republican meme that Oregon is unfriendly to bushiness. They published their findings in a report titled "Is the Grass Really Greener in Other States?"

When 41 percent of Republicans, according to CNN, continue to insist Barack Obama wasn't born in this country, we hardly need another reminder that perception is driving too many of us to loopy conclusions.

One of the local favorites is that Oregon is inhospitable to business. The grousing over the passage of Measure 67, which raised corporate taxes, continues to fuel that perception. So, I imagine, does reporting by the Portland Tribune's Steve Law that five former chairmen of the Portland Business Alliance, or its predecessor, migrated to Vancouver in recent years to avoid paying Oregon taxes on their Oregon fortunes.

Hoping to season those perceptions with some perspective, cooler business heads have unfurled a white paper titled, "Is the Grass Really Greener in Other States?"

Their findings: The grass is plenty green in Oregon. Oregon's overall business taxes are the lowest in the region; Oregon businesses are doing well as compared to those in other western states; and contrary to the gloomy predictions by the foes of Measures 66 and 67, businesses aren't leaving Oregon for greener pastures in Washington State, or anywhere else for that matter.

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