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Oregon Tax Facts: Good for the Wealthy and Corporations, Not So Much for the Rest of Us

Oregon Center for Public PolicyIn honor of Tax Day, the Oregon Center for Public Policy provides some surprising information on taxation in Oregon:

The income group in Oregon that pays the highest share of their income to state and local taxes: Lowest-income taxpayers.[1]

The income group in Oregon that pays the lowest share of their income to state and local taxes: Highest-income taxpayers.[2]


Share of Oregon income taxes paid by corporations in 1973-75: 18.5 percent.[7]

Share of Oregon income taxes corporations are projected to pay in 2011-13: 6.9 percent.[8]


State with the lowest combined state and local business taxes as a share of the economy in 2009, according to the Council on State Taxation (COST): Oregon, tied with Delaware and North Carolina.[30]

State that in 2009 provided the greatest “value” to businesses from the taxes they paid, according to COST: Oregon, tied with Maryland.[31]

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