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Rachel Maddow Tries to Interview Art Robinson -- Watch the Train Wreck!

October 7, 2010 - In a follow-up to a  earlier segment on her MSNBC program covering the mysterious Concerned Taxpayers of America ads attacking Congressman Peter DeFazio, Rachel Maddow had the opportunity to try to interview DeFazio's opponent Art Robinson. The result was more performance art than journalism thanks to Robinson's angry, abusive, over-the-top behavior. Watch Rachel Maddow attempt to ask Art Robinson about:

 - The mysterious organization Concerned Taxpayers of America that is running campaign ads on his behalf

- His statements recommending the disposal of nuclear waist by spreading it over the oceans and continental United States

- His apparent belief that exposure to low levels of radiation is beneficial to human health (radiation hormesis)

- His statement that AIDS isn't a distinct disease but is really the product of a government conspiracy

- His well known belief that global warming is a myth

Robinsons response is to filibuster the discussion and accuse Rachel Maddow of:

- Lying about the quotes taken from his web site

- Taking quotes out of context

- Being sarcastic

Watch the ensuing train wreck.

Note that Robinson never denies that he wrote any of the statements quoted by Rachel Maddow and avoids stating whether they still represented his views on these issues.

This is must see video!

UPDATE, October 8, 2010 -  Rachel Maddow starts off her next program with a long segment on the Art Robinson "interview" where she covers some new ground concerning Art Robinson's crackpot ideas, including his desire to abolish public education and his enthusiastic endorsement (and republishing) of a series racist 19th Century boy's adventure novels. You can't make this stuff up!

Also, links to the material that Robinson said was either made up or taken out of context are listed on Rachel Maddow's blog.


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