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Native Vote 2020

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Oregon to forego federal Title X funds while maintaining services amid battle with Trump administration | Salem Reporter

Little t is going to use the power of his bully pulpit to harass us at every turn. Obviously he doesn’t understand the Oregon spirit. When someone..

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Photos from Curry County Democrats's post

From Travis Nelson: “On behalf of the entire Oregon DNC Delegation, I submitted this resolution on Defending the Rights, Safety, Health, Welfare,..

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Protect Endangered Species – Tell Congress to Stop Trumps Plan for Extinction!

We only have 60 days to get Congress to protect the Endangered Species Act from the Trump administration’s attacks. Sign our petition now to..

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Linn County Democrats

How about this, Curry Dems? Any pie makers out there? Hosts in Gold Beach at the park?

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Azalea Park Foundation

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States Sue Trump Administration Over Rollback of Obama-Era Climate Rule

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Democrats meet in Yamhill County, Approve Resolutions on Campaign Finance, Green New Deal, Forest Practices, Racism as Public Health Threat and Preventing War with Iran | Democratic Party of Oregon

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Farmers Reel After Sonny Perdue Mocks Them As 'Whiners' Amid Trade War Bankruptcies

Farmers in Michigan respond to another incompetent cabinet member.

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