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Curry County Democrats energizing the Oregon Democratic Party caucus grid! LauRose Felicity, newly elected Rural Caucus chair; Calla Felicity..

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KC Hanson, in her speech to the assembled Democrats attending the first quarter Democratic Party of Oregon State Central Committee meeting in..

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Senator Jeff Merkley

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Permanent offshore oil drilling ban approved by Oregon legislature

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Representative Julie Fahey

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Democrats at breakfast in Independence, OR! Curry County PCPs Les Goodrich, LauRose Felicity and Calla Felicity join cohorts at Starduster Cafe..

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Peter DeFazio

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Pipeline Awareness Southern Oregon

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Gov. Kate Brown grabs national spotlight on voter access | Salem Reporter

“A 2018 report by Northern Illinois University, Jacksonville University and Wuhan University in China ranked Oregon first in the nation in ease..

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Curry County Democrats Blue Wave 2020 rolling in! April 6th 2pm Brookings

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