August 2019 Monthly Meeting

Date: August 6, 2019

Time: 2:00 PM


417 9th St
Port Orford, OR 97465




PCPs and officers can vote in the meeting, but all are welcome to take part in discussions.

2pm-215pm Potluck and socializing. Bring summertime/teatime – finger foods – and drinks to share. You can be totally green and use your own dishes, cups, flatware, or use ours. We have paper plates and wash everything else. We’ll give leftovers if sufficient to charitable feeders of homeless folks.

215 or as soon as folks have filled their plates: Welcome and Opening of General Meeting

Opening remarks (Chair)

Treasurer’s Report Teresa Lawson. Executive committee had no opportunity to review or comment on the Treasurer’s monthly written report, which will be available for the first time to review at the meeting. Also: treasurer to report on debit card acquisition. (A raffle will be held. Great prizes!)

Office Manager Report Welcome 4 new volunteers. Still need more folks with 3 hours a month to keep office staffed. Office Clearance Sale/fundraiser Sept 4-14: ANYONE with materials, furniture, etc, “on loan” to Dems office MUST identify these items BEFORE SEPTEMBER 4th . Otherwise, these are prior donations and may be sold, donated to charity, or disposed of. Furniture will have a LABEL on its underside to identify ownership. Office materials may be donated FOR THE SALE /for use in the office.

Office Supplies wish list Reams of ink jet paper, printable postcard stock, trifold brochure paper, printable business card stock, poster board, colored paper, photo paper, pens, ink for printer (call office for cartridge numbers), STAMPS for postcards, clear packing tape.

Standing Committees (4, per Bylaws) reports & discussions

1.Budget and Fundraising Discussion of fundraising by meeting attendees. Ideas for fundraising. Buttons? Face painting at office? Hats? Events?

2. Rules, Platform and Resolutions: Casey F, chair.

3. Local Events and County Fair/ Events Reports & Discussions: July events: County Fair-Linda Bozack. CD4 Meeting-Vicki B. Party in the Park- .July Debate Watch Parties-Calla. Others:

Other local events: Street Fair Port Orford; Pirates in Brookings (weekend of Aug 10th); others:

Events to attract / cheer on Democrats & Progressives: Where? When? WHO to energize these/other events: Drinking Civilly in Gold Beach? Port Orford? Brookings? Lunches/ breakfasts/ dinners in Gold Beach? Port Orford? Brookings? Harbor? Langlois? Pistol River? back room at TJ’s available ever? Celebration for ourselves? Office staffers? Others?

How to energize Gold Beach? Harbor? Langlois? Elsewhere?

Volunteer Creator of events calendar Someone to collect and update a “local events where we may table / may appear in crowd but not table” –…who? Someone in each third of the county?

4. Campaign and Precinct Organization Vicki B, chair. Reports, discussions with/by PCPs: what’s been engaged in, how to get started, what people are doing/planning to do, campaign fatigue: what is it and how to counteract it, lists of what materials are needed/wanted by each PCP. Group discussion: what to take on a walk, how to update VAN, etc.

Ad hoc committees:

PCP/membership: (Calla, Vicki B) Ray Gary, precinct 19, and Miguel Medina, precinct 17, will be resigning. Juliet Hansen resigned from Precinct 23 (health). Rose Mantle requests transfer to that precinct (her home precinct): MOTION AND VOTE. Total membership count now is 28, a loss of 14 PCPs since the start of 2018. Discussion: how to enlist the help of volunteers to fill in the blanks? What to do to attract more members? Brainstorm/ideas/volunteers

CD4 DELEGATE ELECTION: Bill Dooley is unable to take part as a CD4 Delegate (health). Current: CD4 Delegate, Vicki A. Bradley. CD4 Delegate-Alternate, Les Goodrich, CD4 Delegate-Alternate, Debra Worth. CD4 Delegates travel to meetings at least 4 times a year, at the SCC meetings and other places. CD4 Delegates will select their own delegates to the DNC and state conventions. CD4 Delegates are part of the Executive Committee which meets monthly around the 25th in Brookings at 2pm. These are not “do-nothing” meetings, they are important in the politics of our region and state. Any PCP may be elected to the CD4 delegate position. Alternates may run; if an alternate is selected to be the Delegate, the election will be for an alternate. Alternates attend meetings; if delegates do also, Alternates vote if they must step away.

Delegates selection process for the state and national conventions If you want to consider a run for delegate to the State or National Democratic Party nominating conventions, you should start helping in your preferred candidates’ campaigns, because the candidates themselves will be able to DESELECT from the list of potential convention delegates within their percentage of reps per the state voting primaries, and generally will give preference to folks who have been actively campaigning for them. OF COURSE we’ll support whoever wins the nomination. Meanwhile…who looks best to you at this juncture?

Other ad hoc committees’ reports

Allies Reports: Indivisible North Curry County, RESIST Gold Beach, Progressive Luncheons, others:

Issues & Activism: Impeachment, Climate Crisis, Resist, First Amendment Fridays

CLIMATE Town Halls: Wednesday, Sept. 4th (CNN), September 19th & 20th (MSNBC climate forum)

Shall we watch these also? Who would like to host/hostess ANY of these watch parties?

DNC DEBATES: Thursday September 12th, maybe Friday September 13th if enough candidates qualify for there to be 2 nights: DEBATE WATCH PARTIES Brookings office, elsewhere?

Announcements & Other Business

  1. Calendar of Meetings / Meeting Announcement: General meetings are scheduled on the 6th of each calendar month. Meetings alternate between Brookings and Port Orford. NEXT GENERAL MEETING in BROOKINGS begins with potluck on September 6th at 6pm at Curry Dems Office, 619 Chetco Ave. Port Orford meetings:, October 6, December 6, February 6, April 6, June 6, August 6, start at 2pm with potluck at St Christopher Episcopal Hall. WE ARE ON “SUMMER HOURS” so the meetings in Brookings that begin with potluck at 6pm at 619 Chetco Ave are on May 6, July 6, September 6, and then change to WINTER HOURS at 2pm on November 6, January 6, and March 6. These are public meetings; all are welcome.
  2. NEXT Executive Committee Meeting IS RESCHEDULED to MONDAY AUGUST 26TH 2pm at 619 Chetco Ave, Brookings. PCPs are welcome to attend and observe, discuss the next meeting’s agenda, & offer input on all matters. Democrats are welcome, but Executive Committee meetings are closed to members of the general public. We are actively seeking a volunteer office manager.
  3. Peter DeFazio Transportation & Infrastructure Curry County Town Hall #1 – Tuesday, August 27, Gold Beach, 5:00-6:00pm, Curry Public Library,94341 3rd St, Gold Beach. CARPOOLS leave Brookings city lot on Chetco Ave at 3:45pm. Office will be CLOSED for this event.
  4. Peter DeFazio Transportation & Infrastructure Curry County Town Hall #2 – Wednesday, August 28, 10:30-11:30am, Chetco Community Public Library, 405 Alder St, Brookings
  5. Brookings Progressive Lunch Sat Aug 10 11am Blue Water Cafe
  6. ANNUAL STREET FAIR Port Orford Sat Aug 10
  7. SCC meeting Aug 10-11, Newberg
  9. ?
  10. ?
  11. ?


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