March 2019 Business Meeting


A message from the chair …

Hi Curry County Democrats,

Well, I’ve been told and I have read that I have the responsibility to set meeting times and dates. This has been rolling along pretty well for several months. Then the avalanche. Well, maybe not an avalanche, but I just saw a video of the Hooskenaden Slide and we’re pretty close to one there. Mountain sliding towards ocean. Luckily, no injuries reported.

Today I spoke with the Vice chairs about this situation. Vice chair Casey Folden (north) reports that Port Orford members will not be able to come to a March 6th meeting in Brookings because US Highway 101 is out AND Carpentersville Road is flooding and washed out in places, extra dangerous to drive after dark.

Vice chair Vicki Bradley (south) and I just got back from a DPO retreat that offered great instruction in reorganization meetings. Curry County Dems have met the standards suggested there, by starting with brainstorming (last month at the meeting in Port Orford). Now we’re ready to move to the next stage, prioritizing and goal-setting. At this part in our process, face to face planning is vital so we can understand each other’s priorities and agree to plan activity concentrated in areas Curry County Dems decide should be our concentration. Using Skype (a suggestion we considered) just won’t do it. Given that need, plus the currently near-impassable road between Brookings and all points north in the county, the Vice chairs and I concur that it is best to cancel this month’s meeting, previously scheduled on March 6th at 6pm in Brookings.

We started the planning process in Port Orford on February 6th.

We will continue this vital work at the rescheduled Brookings General Meeting, on April 6th, starting at 2pm. Please plan to come!

This will allow us to meet in the early afternoon in case the roads are still hard to navigate after dark. You’ll soon be receiving the minutes from the February 6th meeting and the agenda as we agreed upon at the Feb 25th Executive Committee meeting. Plus, meanwhile, several of us will have been to the State Central Committee reorganization meeting and will be bringing energy and information to the county party from that meeting, as well.

So it’s an inconvenience and a slow-down of a month in the cycle of planning and activism, but we hope rescheduling the March meeting into April, will give everyone our best opportunity for a win-win, and be inclusive and mindful of the challenges of travel this month.

Thank you, as always, for your dedication to progressive change in Curry County.

I hope to see you on April 6th at 2pm in Brookings for an afternoon potluck followed by a high-energy meeting to refine our goals for the next cycle.

In solidarity,

LauRose Felicity JD MSW CLAD

Chair, Curry County Democrats (CCD)

415-595-4904 cell/text/voicemail ok

PS Our next Executive Committee meeting remains as scheduled March 25th at 2pm in Brookings, and you are very welcome!



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