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The $64,000 Question: Who Does Kruse Represent in Salem?

Senator Jeff KruseOur state senator Jeff Kruse had a winning year in 2014. Just because his name wasn’t on the ballot this year, don’t think Senator Kruse took the year off from fund raising. He may not have been on the ballot, yet he raised over $60,000 in campaign contributions.

Only $500 came from real people who live in the district. But his being vice-chair of the healthcare committee may explain why almost all of his contributions came from healthcare and pharmaceutical corporations and PACs, many such as Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Novartis, PhRMA, Eli Lilly, Walgreen’s and the National Association of Chain Drug Stores, from outside of Oregon.

But don’t worry, Jeff will still ask you to help fund his 2016 campaign. Senator Kruse was only acting as a “bag man” for the Republican Leadership Fund to whom he passed on $64,000, slightly more than he raised.

And he is off to a great start in 2015. $3,500 incoming and $4,000 outgoing in early January. And this includes a new big contributor from beyond our state borders – a large out-of-state corporation that sells mail order contact lenses in competition with our local eye doctors. Should our local eye doctors, on whom we must depend for our eye health, worry about who Senator Kruse will represent on legislation that might come before his committee this year?

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