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Democratic Vision for Curry County


Good Governance


Voting is a fundamental right and the cornerstone of our democracy. We support federal standards to ensure that all eligible voters are able to exercise this right without impediment. This includes the national option to vote by mail.


An educated citizenry is essential to the development and stability of our nation. High-quality public Pre-K through vocational training and community college should be fully-funded by our government. All Americans should have access to affordable public higher education.

Economic Justice

Sustained economic growth should create prosperity for all people rather than concentrate wealth and power in the hands of a privileged few. All members of society deserve the opportunity to earn a living wage. Tax reform must protect working families and the vulnerable while requiring corporations and the wealthy to pay a fair share.

United States Postal Service

The USPS should be fully supported so that it may continue to provide reliable, affordable, and universal mail service. We also support legislation that will allow the USPS to serve as a public banking option.

Gun Ownership

It is a Constitutional right to keep and bear arms. Common-sense gun laws reduce gun violence and promote public safety. Reasonable gun legislation saves lives.

Public Safety

All Americans have the right to be safe in our communities. Our government institutions must follow a single standard of public safety for All.


Health, Wellness, and General Welfare

Health Care

Access to quality, affordable health services is a human right. Everyone should be provided with necessary health services, whenever and wherever needed, without suffering financial hardship.

Every woman has the fundamental right to make decisions regarding her personal health. All women deserve access to a full range of legal reproductive healthcare services, including safe abortions.

COVID-19 and Future Pandemics

Federal, state, and local governments must protect public health during a pandemic. This includes providing free access to vaccination, requiring proven mitigation measures such as mask use, and providing additional assistance to underserved communities. A permanent pandemic taskforce should be maintained at the national level.

Affordable, Available Housing

Safe, stable, and affordable housing should be available in every community across America. Everyone deserves access to a place to call home.


We honor all active-duty and retired members of the US Armed Services and Reserve Guard Forces and support their full access to all earned benefits.

Cannabis/Banking Transparency

The use, production, and sales of cannabis should be legalized federally, including allowing the cannabis industry access to the nation’s banking system. Retail cannabis is a legitimate business that will bolster our national economy.

Unions and Wages

All workers deserve the right to organize and bargain collectively. An inflation-adjusted minimum wage is essential for all American workers. The national minimum wage should be a living wage.


Equality and Fairness Under the Law

Social Justice/Equal Opportunity

All people are worthy of and deserve equal political, social, and economic rights and opportunities. We denounce prejudice, hatred, or discrimination directed at any individual or group of people. We support legislation that strives to achieve dignity and equal opportunity for All.


Border security is essential to national security. We support secure borders with sensible, humane immigration policies providing for direct pathways to citizenship for immigrant youth (DACA) and legal residency and eventual citizenship for undocumented immigrant workers and their families. Asylum for immigrants fleeing violence, harm and/or death must be upheld as required by U.S. and International Law.

Criminal Justice

The Department of Justice has an independent duty to uphold the rule of law by enforcing a single justice system — one that ensures fair and equitable treatment of all people without bias. We oppose privatization of prisons, excessive incarceration, and the death penalty, all of which reinforce systemic racial inequity. We support fair and humane treatment of incarcerated individuals, parole reform, and re-entry rehabilitation programs.

Law Enforcement Reform

Law enforcement plays a crucial role in public safety. Sweeping structural changes in policing policies are needed to combat excessive use of force and racial or social profiling. Policies should be established requiring transparency and accountability, the end to “qualified immunity,” and a national registry to track police misconduct.



Climate Change

Science makes it clear that our climate is in crisis due to continuing human impact. Government and business leaders must take immediate action to limit greenhouse gas emissions for the sake of ourselves, our children, and future generations.

Green New Deal

The Green New Deal will provide the basis for building clean water systems, energy grids, and low emission public transportation. It will also create numerous jobs with stable living wages, and ensure healthier living conditions for neglected lower-income families where hazardous health environments exist.

Buy American, Shop Local

Community members should support local economies by purchasing American-made goods from local businesses, and by supporting local entrepreneurs.


Government should support public projects to modernize our physical infrastructure (including roads and bridges, water systems, the electrical grid, and communication systems), as well as our social infrastructure (including schools, child care, affordable housing, and hospitals).

Community Disaster Preparedness

Withstanding and recovering from disasters should be a community-focused endeavor supported by federal, state, and local agencies. We envision resilient communities that encourage individual preparedness while facilitating a robust, collective response to large-scale disasters.

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