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Gun Violence Resolution

Curry County
Democratic Central Committee

Resolution of the Curry County Democrats on
Gun Violence in the United States

Adopted by the Curry County Democrats, Oregon, on July 14, 2022

The United States is unique among developed nations in its extremely high rate of gun-related violence, injury, and death. Gun violence, now more than ever, is a national health crisis.

The Democrats of Curry County support the constitutional right of every law-abiding adult to keep and bear arms for self-defense, hunting, and recreation. However, we believe that the Federal government and the government of the State of Oregon should actively pursue effective and constitutionally sound laws, regulations, and administrative actions to address this crisis, focusing on both common-sense gun safety and societal factors which lead to gun violence.

Therefore, we support the following:

    1. Increase the minimum age for gun ownership to age 21.
    2. Require universal federal background checks with waiting period to purchase, with no exception for private party transfer or for gun shows. Both the background check and the waiting period must be complete before transfer of ownership.
    3. Prohibit the ownership and possession of firearms by persons with a history of violent crime.
    4. Ban assault weapons.
    5. Institute a voluntary national buyback program.
    6. Ban the production, sales, and/or possession of ghost guns (build your own weapon websites).
    7. Institute Red Flag Laws.
    8. Re-institute the ability to sue gun manufacturers for liability.
    9. Ban magazines/clips that hold more than 10 rounds.
    10. Ban the sale and ownership of armor-piercing (“cop-killer”) bullets.
    11. Require special licensing requirements for firearm dealers and collectors to assure proper storage, handling, display, and use of the firearms.
    12. Institute a national registry for gun ownership with a requirement to transfer registration information upon sale or gifting of the firearm.
    13. Establish Federal funding for mental health professionals and clinics.
    14. Provide Federal funding for access to full and complete healthcare, including robust mental health treatment, for all persons regardless of ability to pay.
    15. Allow and encourage healthcare providers and social service counselors to discuss firearm safety with their patients/clients when in their judgment it would be in the best interest of the patient/client to do so.
    16. Require healthcare providers and social service counselors to report to appropriate agencies when in their best judgment a patient/client poses a risk to self or others involving firearms.
    17. Require all gun owners to carry liability insurance on their firearms.
    18. Establish a national database of persons who should not own guns.
    19. Establish a national program to study the socio-economic and cultural causes of gun violence and recommend mitigating actions.

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