Bret Cecil, chair@currydemocrats.org

First Vice-Chair
Vicki Bradley, vicechair@currydemocrats.org

Second Vice-Chair
Joy May, vicechair2@currydemocrats.org

Teresa Lawson

Office Secretary
Lisa Neher, CurryDems.OR@gmail.com

Public Information Officer
Lisa Neher, CurryDems.OR@gmail.com

IT Officer / Webmaster
Tom Bozack, webmaster@currydemocrats.org, 541-254-0935

State Central Committee Delegates
Bret Cecil
Les Goodrich

State Central Committee Delegate Alternates
Joy May

4th Congressional District (4th-CD) Delegates
Deb Worth
Les Goodrich

Precinct Committee Persons (PCPs)

Click HERE to view the Curry County Precinct Map

Precinct 2
Debra Worth, CurryDems.OR@gmail.com

Precinct 3
William Dooley: billdooley31@gmail.com, 541-260-4545

Precinct 5
Casey MacKenzie-Folden, CurryDems.OR@gmail.com

Precinct 6
Bruce Levy, CurryDems.OR@gmail.com

Precinct 7
Jane Odson
John (Jack) Pruitt, 541-332-0332

Precinct 9
Donna Converse
George Converse

Precinct 11
Barbara Eells, 541-247-7921

Precinct 13
Linda Elfman

Precinct 15
Judy Kaplan

Precinct 16
Teresa Lawson: tdltulsa@yahoo.com
LauRose Felicity
Inanna Serena Felicity
Dan Sherman: shermailok@yahoo.com
Miguel Medina

Precinct 17
Linda Bozack, lbozack@gmail.com, 541-254-0936
Tomas Bozack, bozackt@gmail.com, 541-254-0935

Precinct 18
Tracy Rupp: tracyrupp1@gmail.com, 541-813-2899

Precinct 19
Shirley Crockett

Precinct 21
Mary V. Stanford
Charles “Chuck” Stanford

Precinct 22
Emmy Ralls

Precinct 23
Juliet Hansen

Precinct 24
Jan Henault

Precinct 25
Rose Mantle: islandrose04@gmail.com, 707-364-1773

Be part of the solution! Become a Precinct Committee Person. Click HERE for more information.