How To Register To Vote

Here are three easy ways to register as a Democrat:

Pick up a voter registration form at your local DMV office, post office, or library. Fill it out and mail it in or deliver it to the Curry County elections office.


Fill out this on-line voter registration form (fillable pdf), print it, and mail or deliver it to the Curry County elections office. Make sure to check “Democratic Party.”


Go the Oregon Secretary of State Election Division Oregon On-Line Voter Registration Web Site and register to vote online.  Make sure to check “Democratic Party!”

Note: If you check “Independent” on your voter application you are registering as a member of the Oregon Independent Party. If you wish to register as “independent” of any political party you must check the “Not a member of a party” box.

More information on voting in Oregon can be found on the Oregon Secretary of State Voting and Elections page.

Primary Elections

Primary elections are held so the members of a party can choose the party’s candidates for office. Members of each party choose their own candidates. Republicans cannot participate in choosing Democratic candidates, and Democrats can’t participate in choosing a Pacific Green candidate. Only registered Democrats can vote for Democratic candidates in a primary election. Moreover, if you sign a petition to put a candidate for some other party on the ballot, you have effectively made a choice to participate in that party’s election, and you cannot also vote in another party’s primary. If you are already registered, you may change your address anytime up to the day of the election by going to your local county elections office. If you want to change party affiliation, you must re-register, 21 days in advance.


You are eligible to register if:

You are a resident of Oregon. You are a United States citizen. You are at least 16 years of age. (You will not receive a ballot until an election occurs on or after your 18th birthday.)

Voting in Oregon

To vote in Oregon, you must be registered 21 days prior to the election. You must be registered at an Oregon address and be able to receive mail there or at a separate mailing address. Oregon is a “vote by mail” state. Ballots are all sent through the mail and are not forwarded. You must be able to receive mail at the residence or mailing address on your registration. Registration in Oregon includes your political party affiliation. You may choose to be “not a member of a party.” This is NOT the same as “Independent”, which is actually another political party.

Identification Requirements

New laws require that people must provide identifying information to register to vote. For those who are registering to vote by mail for the first time in Oregon, a copy of valid identification (ID) must also be provided. Acceptable ID includes the following:

  • Valid photo identification, including driver’s license
  • Paycheck stub with name and address
  • Utility bill with name and address
  • Bank statement with name and address
  • A government document with name and address

If you have any questions, contact the Curry County elections office.