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Women’s March 10-17-2020

We will be rallying in solidarity with over 300 Women’s marches (and counting) all over America.

In Brookings, we will line both sides of Chetco Avenue from the Dems office to the Bridge, 6′ apart with banners and signs from 11am to 1pm.  This coincides with the Washington DC March at 2pm EST 

In Port Orford, we will be gathering at noon at the usual rally location at HWY 101 and 8th Street

This second Women’s March of 2020 is being held because…

  • We reject the Trump administration’s policies, plans and future that isn’t inclusive of everyone, regardless of their race, backgrounds or zip codes. 
  • We feel the people should choose the new SCOTUS and therefore it should be done after the inauguration, as Justice Ruth Bater Ginsberg wished. 
  • Women have had enough. As women, we have suffered through this season of pandemics: a pandemic of public health, of white nationalism, of climate crisis, of family care. This has fallen on us, and drained us. We are rising up to shift our future, and we welcome all women and allies who share that vision. We can birth a new world. 
  • Women win elections. We are marching to ensure that women from all walks of life vote in record numbers, demand that every single vote is counted, and deliver our democracy. By uniting across our differences this election season, we will swear in a new government of, by, and for the people.